Healthcare Cleaning

The cleaning standards necessary for surgery and health care cleaning have changed considerably due to their recent inclusion under CQC (Care Quality Commission) guidelines.

This effectively means that GP surgeries, dentists and medical centres must now be cleaned to the same standards as hospital environments.

From the 1st April 2013 all GP’s and primary medical services, including dentist surgeries, must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. These legislative changes mean that the healthcare facility in question is now open to inspection at any time.

Guidelines for these cleaning standards can be found here on the CQC site: CQC Cleaning Requirements

So what does this mean for the healthcare and dentist practice managers responsible for delivering a clean facility?

In essence this means constant compliance to the standard via the delivery of in house or outsourced services. The majority of medical establishments outsource their cleaning requirements to contractors who specialise in this sector. This ensures that the services are constantly delivered to specification with detailed reporting systems in place to act as check and control mechanisms.

In the Healthcare Environment it goes without saying that hygiene & cleanliness are priorities. Ideal supplies daily cleaning to specialist sectors such as the Healthcare sector. We provide clinical cleaning of Operating Theatres, Laboratories, Consultation Facilities, Public Waiting Rooms, Staff Rest Rooms, Locker-rooms and Washrooms as well as the offices and administrative accommodation.

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Sanondaf is the industry leader in touchless disinfection and decontamination services and uses only the most up to date, tried and tested technology as part of their ongoing touchless disinfecting services for all spaces and buildings.

Please see our Sanondaf page for full details and the range of services.

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Super Shine Cleaning

What Healthcare Cleaning do we cover?

Medical Centers
Medical Home
Patient Hotel
Health Facility
Community Center

Care Facilities

Care staff move in and out of rooms interacting with all manner of residents, staff and equipment. In addition, residents in care homes often gather together to socialise and eat meals. This means it’s incredibly important to ensure rooms, especially communal areas, are properly disinfected to prevent cross contamination or spread of infection in UK care homes. Older and vulnerable adults are more susceptible to viruses and infections so in care homes Sanondaf can prevent any outbreak. Types of assisted care cleaning we can help with include:

Super Shine Cleaning
Super Shine Cleaning


Nurseries, Crèche facilities, Pre & After School Clubs and Soft Play centres all have similarities in the number of small children learning and playing in close proximity to each other throughout the day. It’s a constant concern for the facility, and parents/carers that kids can easily pick up and transmit harmful viruses such as Flu, Norovirus or worse.

Our Advanced Infection Prevention and Control process is perfect as a preventative measure against the risks presented by infection from cross contamination, and can be used in every area & setting.

Gym & Fitness Centres

Another area where many people pass in and out daily is the gym. Cleanliness is key and as many hands and bodies will touch equipment, floors, locker rooms and showers, it’s essential to keep these areas germ-free. Traditional cleaning methods alone cannot combat the spread of bacteria as well as Sanondaf can

Super Shine Cleaning
Super Shine Cleaning


Hotel rooms will typically be used by numerous people throughout a single year, from anywhere in the world. This means that hotels are susceptible to passing an enormous amount of bacteria and germs all the time. Not only does Sanondaf effectively eradicate germs, it also eliminates unpleasant smells