Our product KILLS 99.99% of all hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi or any other micro-organism.

Sanondaf Solution is a simple answer to destroying 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, funghi, moulds and yeast, in fact any microorganism susceptible to H202+Ag (Hydrogen Peroxide + Silver). We have a number of case studies that prove the efficacy of our technology against staphylococcus (incl. MRSA). Entercoccus (incl. VRE), H5N1, H1N1, Legionella, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans and many other types of microorganism.

Sanondaf works with a compact spraying devices units that allows us to work in every space big or small and all the necessary elements to offer the most innovated, effective, disinfection and decontamination services ever. (touch-less).

The latest Generation of SANONDAF touch-less disinfection solutions combine the effect of both our spraying devices and disinfectants solutions. The dual effect of both Devices and Disinfectants enables the air and surface in a room to be disinfected automatically. Our disinfectant is a patented, highly effective, oxidizing disinfectant that kills 99.99% of all hazardous germs and bacteria without posing a threat to humans, animals or plants.

The Fogging Device we use was developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that sprays the disinfectant liquid transforming into a dry fog.

The Electrostatic Device we use is an electrostatic spray disinfectant system featuring a sprayer nozzle that adds an electrostatic negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it is applied so that it actually surrounds and clings to the surface it touches.

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  • Hospitals
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Schools & Universities
  • Day Care Centres
  • Hotels
  • Transportation
  • Work Place

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AN average mattress contains millions of dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores & other harmful microorganism that, over an extended period of time can pose a significant health risk ranging from rashes, allergies and infections

To combat this, Sanondaf, the leading pioneer in touch less disinfection solutions introduces the newest addition SANOVAC to help keep you safe and free from conditions that can affect your health

SANOVAC uses a chemical free approach and can disinfect to a far higher degree than conventional methods. A specialized brush pulsates to dislodge harmful debris whilst UV-C sanitizes and kills bacteria. As with all Sanondaf technologies, it is far less intrusive when compared to other, more traditional methods.
SANOVAC visibly removes contamination and you can see the improvement for yourself in our after treatment test.

SANOVAC is complemented by SANOSTATIC which is particularly effective at targeted disinfection and can be used on any surfaces including soft fabrics and electronics And SANOFOG which is capable of disinfecting areas of varying sizes whilst reaching even the most inaccessible of spaces.

SANONDAF – TOUCH-LESS DISINFECTION Looking after your health and well being in your home, place or work and living environment with our specialist infection control and decontamination services for you and your family



Complete Surface Disinfection
The unique fogging device used transforms the disinfectant liquid into a dry fog upon spraying. This means it can reach further than the next best cleaning products.

Super Shine Cleaning
Super Shine Cleaning



Surface Reach
The electrostatic spraying device used has a spraying nozzle which adds a negative electrostatic charge to the solution. This means that once our environmentally friendly disinfectant is sprayed, it surrounds and clings to all surfaces it touches.



Effective Disinfection
SanoChem is a patented disinfectant formula which kills almost all harmful bacteria. The unique blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver is ideal for air, water and surface disinfection to eradicate over 99.99% of bacteria, moulds, viruses, funghi, and yeast.

Super Shine Cleaning
Super Shine Cleaning



Antibacterial Protection
The protective coating offered in this touchless disinfectant are antibacterial and combat a number of different pathogens. The coating offers this effect on most surfaces including medical equipment, clothing and even furnishings. Once sprayed, the protective coating lasts for months.